Content Management Systems (CMS) have been around for many years, but have improved immensely offering so many new great features you would wonder why one would create a website using HTML.

There are many advantages of using a CMS. Website owners can login and make changes to the content of the site without having to outlay more money to web design update costs.

There are so many modules available, from Online Contact Forms, Galleries, Event Calendars to News Displays, Blogs, E-Commerce and more. Most of these modules are free to download and can be simply added to the website. With Blogs now playing a major part in Google page ranking it’s quite easy to set up a blog on the CMS website and get Blogging or add News Articles.

The latest CMS’s are also responsive in design, when asking about your website ensure the site is responsive, this will allow the website to adapt to mobile devices.

Also make sure that the designer of your website is using a trusted and secure CMS, the 3 which are most widely used are Joomla, WordPress and DotNetNuke. Out of the 3 I find that the Joomla CMS is most user friendly, it’s also quite easy for content to be edited by the website owner by simply logging in and making changes directly on the website page.