This article has been written for people that that don’t understand much about how Google search works.

I am hoping this will help explain why it is important to include Google AdWords in your businesses marketing budget.

Gone are the days when it was simple to get your website to display on the first page of a Google search result. Google has changed its algorithms for its search engine so much in recent years that it’s now extremely time consuming and difficult to get a good ranking on new websites. Websites must now use various social media, quality blog posts, quality back links and more. There are companies that specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that handle all those requirements to increase your page ranking. These services are quite expensive for small businesses and the problem is they cannot guarantee the site will be placed on the first page of the search results.

You can get more information on Organic SEO here:

With Google AdWords your website ad will be visible on the first page search result most of the time, but this depends on the settings of Budget per day and your maximum pay per click that you are willing to pay.

Say you have added R1 000 to your AdWords credit, you can limit the amount you spend per day by adding a R100 limit for each day, this will spread your advert out over 10 days. When your R100 limit has been reached your ads will stop running until the next day. R100 is an example, if you have a bigger budget you can increase your credit and daily budget.

Cost of the Pay Per Click. Every time someone clicks on your ad, an amount will be deducted from your AdWords credit. Google uses a bidding system so there is never a clear amount of what a click will cost. Google sometimes offer a voucher to new users, which gives you X amount free when you purchase, this gives you an amount to experiment with and see if it works for you. You can contact us for more information on this.

With the cost per click you also have an option to set where you won’t pay more than a certain amount for a click, if you set it to R20 then your ad will be disabled when the cost is higher than R20 and reactivate when the cost drops below the R20.

But that’s not all, you can also limit your ads per region, do you supply services to Gauteng only? Not a problem, you can set your ad to display to users in the Gauteng region only. This can also be resticted to areas only, eg. Edenvale.

Why should you add Google Adwords to your marketing budget?

If you have a budget for marketing to perhaps print brochures or advertise in the local paper then you need to ask yourself – What percentage of people are going to actually make contact? 10 out of 1 000 brochures? A few from the local paper ad? Now compare that with Adwords, you will be getting search result hits from keywords that relate to your businesses, ie. The people searching are looking for your services, that’s a much higher percentage hit rate.

Give it a try!